Monday, January 9, 2012

Pinterest is Crack

I speak the truth...pinterest is most definitely crack. I can literally spend HOURS of my life looking, laughing, salivating, and pinning. And since I've been sick the last couple of weeks and haven't been able to do too much else, I really have spent a tremendous amount of time on this site. Justin thinks I'm a little crazy and doesn't understand what the heck I'm doing over here, however, I justified myself tonight by cooking a very delicious calzone that I got off of pinterest. I mean, seriously, that thing was like Mellow Mushroom good. It is probably the 3rd recipe I've tried from my pins and by far the best. Pinterest has also inspired me to attempt some better organization around here. This weekend, in between naps and feeling like my chest was on fire and caving in, I cleaned out the coat closet, cleaned out and organized the guest bedroom closet (and by organized, I mean pulled all the junk out and then shoved it back in again in a different way) and cleaned out and organized the laundry room/closet. I am pretty pleased with the laundry closet. I went to the dollar tree and bin-basket'ed it up. I chose blue for the color because that is what they had the most bins and baskets in. The coat closet looks much better also. I'm not that impressed with my work in the guest bedroom, but there is really not much hope for that area. There is NO storage space in this house. We don't even have a garage! So closets are the garage and they are packed full to the max. I did combine a few boxes and put some things in a Goodwill pile. I guess that's pretty good for now. I also made a trip to Ross. I HAD to get some air. I had not left the house other than to go to the doctor in like 5 days. I bought a few new things for the guest bedroom including a new comforter (for $30!) which I think is really pretty and I'm excited about it. And since I am such a devoted pinner, I am declaring that room my first Pinterest project. I really do want something productive to come from the insane time I put into my pinning :) I have a few little things in mind that have inspired me from my pins that I would like to attempt for in there...and something is getting painted with chalkboard paint. Before and after pics to come. I hope I don't permanently damage anything or glue myself to...myself, or anything else.

This is a pretty snoozable post, but unfortunately when you are stuck at home with pneumonia for weeks on end, there isn't much interesting to share. I am happy to report that I have been doing excellent on my cursing less, especially in front of Addy. And it seems like since I have been cutting back the potty mouth, I have also done a better job of controlling my attitude by way of eye rolling, heavy sighing, and impatient commands. Knock on wood....we've had some really great days at home here lately. I am hoping this is not because I just haven't had the energy to do anything else. I will keep praying about it.

I will also share this saying that I saw...where else....on Pinterest today :)
When life gives you more than you can stand, kneel

Love that

Today's Blessings:

10. Waking up not to an alarm, but to the sweetest little voice coming over the monitor. "Mama, mama, help!" Saying help is her new thing. It really cracks me up (except when she says it as I'm buckling her into her car seat. People probably think I'm a kidnapper) I hope I never forget the way her voice sounded when she was this age.

11. My mom worrying about me. Why is it that, no matter how old you get, when you don't feel well, you always want your mom? I'm thankful that I have a great mom, who worries about me and always calls to check on me. It really does make me feel a little better. I pray that I bring that kind of comfort to my baby.

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